We are proud to launch a new video series
which features cookie lovers from all walks of life who we hope will inspire you to live and taste your best life.

In celebration of International Women's Day, we invite you to watch the latest episode of our ‘Taste your Best Life’ series where you'll meet Inosha Campion, the fashion designer behind Byron label Sahana Byron Bay.From her studio in beautiful Bangalow, Inosha spoke candidly about what it’s like to pursue a career in fashion, why sustainability matters and her everlasting love for Sri Lankan cooking.The big question is: does she dunk her cookie in her cup of (Sri Lankan) tea?


Episode 3
Colourful, Bold & Beautiful: meet Maxi Shield, Byron Bay Cookie Company’s favourite Drag Queen and ultimate cookie lover. We had the joy of interviewing Maxi in Episode 3 of our ‘Taste Your Best Life’ series. With Sydney Mardi Gras fever in full swing, we asked Maxi to answer a few questions for us, such as things that inspire her. The answer might surprise you! x

Episode 2
We had the pleasure of chatting to Tanya Lawrence, the owner of @capecafebyronbay, Australia’s most easterly café, located at the base of the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse. Ever wondered what’s it’s like to follow your passion and run a café in one of Australia’s most picturesque locations? 


Kicking off this series in style is Anastasia Tanuputri, the talented Calligrapher & Illustrator behind @designbywas, who recently sat down with us to share some insights into her creative process. Can you guess what her favourite cookie flavour is?